The Double (2011)

Review: The Double (2011)

21 Feb 12

Spoiler trailers must die

What is the point of a trailer? To advertise a movie. To make you want to go see it. NOT to give away all the pertinent plot points, twists and turns and double-crosses that are 75% of the pleasure of any thriller! Sadly THE DOUBLE was deprived of any surprise by a trailer, the makers of which should be tied to a chair, eyes glued open, and forced to watch every TWILIGHT movie... twice.

Anyway, trailer spoilers aside, this is a very servicable thriller, reminiscent of Roger Donaldson's Kevin Costner movie NO WAY OUT... with the same sort of plot twist... in fact, come to think of it, didn't Angelina Jolie's SALT nick the same idea too?

Gere is, well, Richard Gere, sort of a toned down John Travolta, and someone with the unlikely sounding name of Topher Grace plays the wide-eyed innocent new guy to Gere's old, seen-it-all-before, I-bet-they-only-cast-me-cos-Harrison-Ford-was-too-expensive grizzled veteran spook. It's immensely enjoyable, if forgettable, but could have been much more effective were it not for the darn trailer spoiling the neat plot twist and destroying the tension for the first third of the runtime.

Nonetheless, a good old solid old cat-n-mouse spy thriller.