The Equalizer

Review: The Equalizer

08 Nov 14

Training Day...Is over!

Denzel can be a badass! and in The Equalizer, Denzel is a badass!. But still isn't as good as his performance in Training Day though.
However, The Equalizer truly thrilled and excited me throughout the whole film. The whole time I was eager to wait and see what Denzel Washington's character, Robert McCall, would do next or should I say, will kill next!.
Certainly not Denzel's Oscar winning performance, but The Equalizer is a great change for Denzel in the Action genre, and for an older guy, Denzel still shows he can do action. However after this, I'm not quite sure he should do a role in The Expendables movie franchise.
However, The Equalizer is still a great action flick and still shows a brilliant performance from one of my favourite actors.