The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift


On the streets of Tokyo, speed needs no translation...

Third the high-octane action franchise with an all new cast (aside from a brief Vin Diesel cameo), about a convicted street racer who attempts to start a new life in Tokyo but finds himself on a collision coars with the Japanese underworld. While Tokyo Drift is the third in the Fast and the Furious series, it would appear last chronologically.... More

Having found a home in illegal street racing, outcast Shaun Boswell (Lucas Black) finds himself in trouble with authorities and to avoid jail time, he is sent to live with his father in Tokyo. There he discovers drift racing (the way in which high-speed racers take corners on hair-pin heavy tracks). In a match-up against dangerous legend 'Drift King' Takashi (Brian Tee) he loses and winds up owing a big-ass debt. To pay it off, he must venture in the dark underbelly of Tokyo street racing.Hide

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Ok, first off the whole plot was indeed and real turn off from the prior movies. A new character was the best change BUT potentaly fatal , I heard fast and the furious 4 will be screened next year and if they dont add in sean boswell people will raise eyebrows and wonder what happend to him . This movie IS the best car racing movie . . . .ever . Cant wait for the fourth

It sucked

Loved the film. The first 15 minutes of the movie is the tightest i've ever seen. It just bowled over all the boring parts and keeps moving. The first race is the best I've ever seen. And just when I think that's it the second one tops it. The setting of Tokyo was a great choice and fresh. I didn't know MC Hammer owns that city. Sonny Chiba was cool but this Sung Kang guy is a stud. Can't wait to see him in other films. Oh yeah, the third chase gets even better and unlike other films, the last... More one actually lives up to its worth. Now I have a film to watch after I get disappointed by all the poser blockbuster films out there.Hide

My god, this is bad. I was dragged along - my instincts were right. Terrible, just terrible.

I liked this film, not as good as the other ones, but still delivering on its promises - cars & babes.

Bottom line is, if you like this sort of thing, racing etc. then you'll like it, if you don't - why see it?

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  • It's not much of a movie, but a hell of a ride. So what if the movie dumbs down Japanese culture to a bad yakuza movie? The cars are the stars here. Everything else is lost in translation. Full Review

  • As in the previous two installments of the Fast and Furious franchise, this largely consists of macho tantrums, vying for the girl, intense vehicular mayhem and high-octane homoeroticism. Full Review

  • 1/2 It's all about eye candy and the quick tease. It's not over fast enough. Full Review