The Five-Year Engagement

Review: The Five-Year Engagement

11 May 12

Utter disappointment - reminiscent of 'Funny People' and is anti-equal rights with women.

Remember the movie 'Funny People'? The all star comedic cast movie with Adam Sandler as the protagonist? Remember how un-funny it was? How sh*t got real, fast, and you were left there in the cinema thinking "WTF?!?" Yeah, that is exactly what this movie is. NOT THAT FUNNY. Sure I laughed out loud a few times, but the plot just goes beyond the point of return and you find you can't come back and laugh at the humor after that. Also, being a feminist myself, I was looking forward to their life portrayed in the trailer that hinted a man could be happy if he let his partner follow her dream job. But this is not the case. They portray a woman who becomes a stay at home mum as having a perfect life meanwhile Emily's character who scores a sweet job stuffs her partners life and their whole relationship. The movie also reinforces the 'embarrasement' and lost potential of men choosing to be the 'stay at home dad'. I just hate that this movie is so anti-equal rights. Not only does Emily's pursuit of her dream job leave Jason's character jobless, but he losses his own self respect (along with hygiene and any sense of normalcy), while Emily's character cheats on him with her boss. Because aparently, women who score high profile and high pay jobs not only sacrifice their partners chance of a career, but will definately cheat on their partner with their boss also. REALLY disappointing and unrealistic movie.