The Fountain

Review: The Fountain

15 Apr 07

Two Minds on Dying

Its a pity that this film has been defined by dates and places when it seems more productive to read it symbolically and metaphorcally, as perspectives on the experience of facing death through terminal illness, and dying.
It is clearly Izzys loving perspective to see her desperate but distracted scientist husband as the conquistador in her novel, while his ambitions are seen as his fantasy skyhigh in bubble land with magical elixirs and powers gained.
Overblown in parts (Jackman so desperately missing the point) and unconvincing in others (Weiz as mentioned below, far too radiant), it took a while to engage sufficently to go along for the ride. About fourty-five minutes in, it worked for me, and the possibilities of a range of layered meanings opened up. I Loved the grand sweep of what it tried to do.
I went with a girly friend, we both agreed our partners would hate it.