The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

(Män som hatar kvinnor)

Swedish thriller based on Stieg Larsson's novel about a journalist and a young female hacker. The native title (Män som hatar kvinnor) is Swedish for 'men who hate women'.... More

16-year old Harriet Vanger disappeared without a trace, on September 29th 1966. Nearly forty years later, a journalist gets contacted by an industrial leader who wants him to write the history of the Vanger family. The family chronicle is just a cover for the real assignment: to find out about what really happened to Harriet.Hide

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A 40-year-old cold case might sound as dusty as old drapes but throw in an exiled reporter, a hard-as-nails genius and a family of ageing eccentrics living in the icy wiles of Sweden and you’ve got a mystery as sprawling and wild as the landscape. Stieg Larsson’s gripping yarn is a tale within a tale sporting a tail that chases itself relentlessly. The film has everything: intrigue, murder, fraud, sadistic violence, romance, religious themes, horror, tear-jerking sadness and a web of storylines that merge within a climactic second half.... More

Parts of the murder mystery play out like a far-fetched episode of CSI with some of the clues coming together too conveniently. But holding it together are the characters, all of them deeply dysfunctional or emotionally scarred. It’s impossible to escape the chilling sense the two leads are never safe from any of them. Actress Noomi Rapace gets the best role in unpredictable Lisbeth Salander, the ultra-intelligent but angry young hacker whose true essence is revealed layer by layer throughout the film.

But what sets this apart is the gender role reversal and the wider themes of corruption, family betrayal and trust. It’s the chick who’s the real kick-ass hero, as sick as her brand of revenge is, and as warped as her history leads her to be. And it’s the society in which the characters dwell that leads us on this wildest of goose chases.Hide

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Fantastic film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's first book in the trilogy. Having seen it you just have to ask, why the Hollywood remake? What's the point - especially so soon after these 3 excellent Swedish versions? See both and decide for yourself - but this is hands down the finest version - largely thanks to Nyqvist and Rapace in the lead roles and Niels Arden Oplev assured direction. Superb - but then I've read the books and like all BIG novels adapted to film (HARRY POTTER anyone?) you gain... More a heck of a lot more from having read the novel first... That's the problem with books though, they stop people going to the cinema!Hide

Since I'm not too sharp, I would have been lost if I hadn't read the book. But I did read it and the characters came alive perfectly...especially Salander. Bring on the next one.

Possibly a better trilogy than lotr. Great story line, great acting portrayal of Lisbeth Salander. Awesome movie.
Nothing was too explicit in this film, if you're seriously offended grow up, really.

Did anyone apart from me notice it was sub titled good or not less than two minutes in I was back on my mac. Good or not bored me stupid you go to the movies to watch a movie not read it. Crap.

Rivetting, powerful and refreshingly not predictable. The entire 2 1/2 hours is totally engaging as the many layers of the plot unfold. Whether you've read the book or not (I haven't and won't because what's the point in comparing?) the movie in itself is a brilliant union of crime, romance and a thriller. The cast is superb partly because they aren't dished up fresh from Hollywood and because they are fabulous actors. Yes - the movie does have disturbing violence in it but it's in the context... More of building the characters and depth to the story rather than gratuitous. Go and see it and be enthralled - but if screen violence disturbs you, stay away; it's not your type of movie.Hide

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  • Nyqvist and Rapace do a fine job with stern emotional coldnesss while director Niels Arden Oplev reveals layers of Hitchcock-like intrigue. Full Review

  • With more than 10 million copies sold worldwide since 2005, it's no wonder this first novel in the late Stieg Larsson's culty "Millennium" trilogy has made it to the bigscreen so fast, though the pic version is more of an action-light whodunit than a real thriller, and more of a CliffsNotes version than a deeply disturbing portrait of what's wrong with contempo Sweden. Full Review

  • Brilliantly directed, beautifully shot and superbly written, this is a thoroughly gripping detective thriller with terrific performances from Nyqvist and Rapace – it's also easily one of the best films of the year. Full Review

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