The Great Escape

The Great Escape


Hours ago... Minutes ago.... These men were behind barbed wire.

World War II adventure classic with a killer ensemble cast. Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough, James Donald, Charles Bronson, Donald Pleasence and James Coburn star in this true story of a group of allied soldiers who plan a daring, mass escape from their Nazi POW camp – a fortress deemed 'escape proof'. Features a notorious motorcycle chase sequence, a big influence on action films of the future, between McQueen and the Nazis. From filmmaking legend John Sturges, following on from 1955’s Bad Day at Black Rock and 1960’s The Magnificent Seven.

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93% of critics recommend.
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  • It's all based on the true escape plan from Stalag Luft North, and cinema, bank holidays and life in general would be vastly inferior without it. Full Review

  • It's a strictly mechanical adventure with make-believe men. Full Review

  • Worth seeing the last half hour, if nothing else, for one of the best stunt sequences in years: McQueen's motor-cycle bid for freedom. Full Review