The Great Maiden's Blush

The Great Maiden's Blush


New Zealand drama about motherhood starring Miriama McDowell (The Dark Horse) and Renee Lyons (Jake) as two solo parents who meet in a post-natal ward after the birth of their first-born babies. The pair - one a girl racer, the other a pianist - develops a friendship that anchors them through the turbulence.

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BY doranviv nobody

This is an incredible film, pushing all sorts of boundaries, from characterisation to narrative structure. Incredibly bold & brave with amazing cinematography

BY lionspaw lister

Led by detailed and captivating performances by McDowell and Lions this is a very personal tale of two women told in a lyric visual style with moments of humour and great loss which does not pull any punches. It is very human mystery story of their lives which held my attention from beginning to end. Another rich example of how far Kiwi filmmaking has progressed.

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