The Happy Prince

Review: The Happy Prince

28 Dec 18

A story worth the telling.

In 2017 Wilde and 75,000 other men were 'pardoned' for the crime of homosexuality. Clearly they should have been apologised to rather than pardoned, but nevertheless Rupert Everett felt the time was right to tell this story (again) of the foolish love lorn Wilde and his selfish lover Bosie. Overall a fascinating and relevant tale but I couldn't help feeling that Everett was not quite right for Wilde who he plays as a an oafish character rather than an acclaimed writer with such sensitive feeling for the English language. While other men were living secret lives Wilde may have thought that his great success as a writer would carry him through. It did not and as his life unravelled many tried to save him but ultimately his human frailty took him as it takes us all.
Worth seeing for the story and some wonderful minor performances.