The Hateful Eight

Review: The Hateful Eight

02 Feb 16

Good but not great

I like Quentin Tarantino and I think he is a great filmmaker but this is not his best work. That may sound cynical but I still gave this 3 stars so I still think it is a good film. First the positives. The acting is stellar all around as every person in the cast does a phenomenal job with the stand outs being Jennifer Jason Leigh and Walton Goggins who steal every scene they are in. The film is also shot well for a film that is primarily set in one location. The characters are also great with some very likeable and entertaining characters who just put a smile on your face. However, due to a runtime of nearly 3 hours (or 3+ hours if you saw the Roadshow cut) the pacing can be a bit off especially in the first half of the film but once you hit chapter 4 (yes the film is split up into chapters) it does get better. Now I'm all for 3 hours of Tarantino dialogue, but the writing in The Hateful Eight was not as captivating or as intriguing as some of his other work but there a couple scenes that are pure genius writing. Overall, see The Hateful Eight, but don't expect another Pulp Fiction or Kill Bill. The Hateful Eight is good but not great and deserves a solid 3/5 stars