The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

By iamMax
13 Dec 12

An Unexpected Movie

Not having read "The Hobbit" I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of story flow, with only my knowledge of the past Lord Of The Rings films, I found myself indulged into the movie, understanding the story line completely.

Although to understand some scenes in the movie, it is vital to see the Lord Of The Rings movies, or of course read the books, I found some scenes could not be understood without seeing the previous LOTR movies, but luckily, I had.

The craft of Jackson and the cinematography used in the film was second to none. A large variety of shots were used, and there was a well thought out use of pans and tracking shots. Being a amateur short film maker myself, I could appreciate the cinematography a lot more, especially being familiar with the editing software Jackson uses.

I found the film very beautiful and I recommend seeing it in 3D as it gives you a more indepth feel of middle earth.