The Holiday

The Holiday

As a result of relationships gone wrong, strangers Iris (Winslet) and Amanda (Diaz) find themselves in the same situation; alone and loveless during the festive season. To remedy the situation the two arrange a switch, moving into each others homes across the globe, with the hope that new surroundings will boost their self esteem and offer an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. What they find is the last thing they thought they wanted: men.

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first of all before I start bragging all about this wonderful movie I would like to commend Nancy Meyers on this great rom-com. It was both funny and serious all at the same time. I loved how the main story line was basic. I thought the whole movie was great. I also really liked Kate Winslet (and every one else to) I have seen lots of her movies now and I loved them all. She is one of the few actresses where I have likes all of her movies. She's really cool and would be a really nice person. I... More was so happy to see her win her Oscar and can't wait to see what she does nextHide

Similar to many others, I went into this movie expecting a light-hearted romantic comedy. And there were certain moments when that's exactly what I got. But it would be unfair to dismiss this as just another "chick-flick" - Nancy Meyers is a master of the slightly more intellectual, emotionally-driven romantic movie.

The leads are all their usual, entertaining selves (I'm not usually a Cameron Diaz fan, but she was perfect for this role), but the real scene-stealer was the absolutely classic... More Eli Wallach, as an old Hollywood player who teaches some valuable lessons about passion, positivity, and 'taking the lead role' in your own life.

Thoroughly enjoyable, slightly predictable, surprisingly emotional - all up, a pretty good effort =)Hide

Refreshing to see a gentle love story that makes us laugh and cry all at the same time. Extremely well constructed Movie with excellent acting from a strong all star extremely attractive cast. Photography captures the intimate moments shared between these actors, portraying frustrations of unrequited love and then the realisation of true love and the reality of what love should be. We need more films like this for an audience that prefers less violent agression, raw sex and drugs. The Holiday... More although just a romantic fantasy shows us real moments that we can all relaate to on some level.Hide

I feel The Holiday reviews need a male perspective. While I admit, it was better than expected, my expectations where very low.

Lovely movie, the cast were fantastic, Kate and Cameron both gave fabulous performances and Jude and Jack were incredibly sweet. Recommended to all :)

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  • As reliably as Santa, this romantic comedy about a transatlantic house swap delivers Christmas sweets... Full Review

  • Nancy Meyers makes the kinds of films that people complain no one makes anymore. The Holiday is the type of welcome diversion that only Meyers still seems to specialize — a romantic comedy... Full Review

  • What have we here? A holiday movie that doesn't make everyone grumpy? A romantic comedy with real sense of how romance feels, both good and bad, when caught in its throes?.. Full Review

  • By now, Nancy Meyers knows exactly what women want --gorgeous locales, even more gorgeous actors, a sentimental love story calculated to make viewers hug themselves and maybe even each other -- and she doubles the formula to generally pleasing but thoroughly unsurprising effect in "The Holiday," a lavishly overstuffed gift basket of a movie... Full Review