The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games


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Sci-fi thriller set in post-apocalyptic America that sees a young woman (Jennifer Lawrence from Winter's Bone) being drafted into a brutal, fight-to-the-death, reality TV show. Based on Suzanne Collins' hugely popular teen novels, from the director of Pleasantville.... More

In the face of drought, fire and famine America has crumbled and been replaced by the Capitol, a regime that ruthlessly controls the country. Each year, two residents from twelve districts are selected and forced to fight one another in the televised 'Hunger Games' - a twisted punishment for the citizen's past uprisings. When Katniss Everdeen's (Lawrence) younger sister is selected to participate, Katniss volunteers to take her place, pitting herself against highly-trained competitors who have prepared for the Games their whole lives.

The film is adapted from the first book in Collins' trilogy. It's already been confirmed that book two (Catching Fire) will soon be getting the big-screen treatment.Hide

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The next Twilight? Battle Royale rip-off? Reality TV rumination? Going into the movie, I wasn’t entirely sure which angle to come at The Hunger Games from.... More

There's such a huge variety of touchstones here - American Idol; Big Brother; The Truman Show; The Running Man; teenage bullying; unrequited love; the one percenters vs the rest of us; professional sports - it would be an achievement simply to keep things coherent but director Gary Ross goes beyond that to create a character-focused arrow of a film that maintained my attention from start to finish.

Jennifer Lawrence ably carries the film on her shoulders, appearing in practically every scene. She projects pluck, moxie and vulnerability in equal measure. The older supporting actors do stellar work to ground the occasionally quite ridiculous-looking universe they inhabit – Lenny Kravitz and Stanley Tucci especially. Male lead Josh Hutcherson lets the side down a bit with his wooden emoting but there isn’t a complete lack of chemistry between him and Lawrence.

The lack of any gory on-screen violence (the kills are all quick cuts and close-ups) doesn’t take much away from the impact of what is occurring and there are several impressively taut action set-pieces.

The film only really lags when it stops to serve romance – did we really need two tender moments in the cave? After the climax occurs, the film hangs around for some follow-up scenes that fall a bit flat, ending the film on a somewhat muted note. But that doesn’t mean I’m not totally amped for the sequel. This movie rules.Hide

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BY GrahamP superstar

I went to this movie thinking maybe I would not enjoy it.
Being an older male I was surprised to find out
just how good it was.It is very real and grips you from the start to the finish.The downside was the excessive camera movement at times,which was a bit annoying.
I have given it a 4 star but but would have liked to have given it a 4.5.

BY filmlover superstar

This is a film most people could enjoy whatever their ages. I am not in the teen generation, far from it, but I can still appreciate a well crafted flick whatever the genre. If you are looking for a bit of escapism without too much violence and no sex or bad language this fills the bill. Am looking forward to the next installment.

BY SammiP nobody

Didn't read the books
Looked for a good movie and heard this was good, so went was some good friends of different ages and we all enjoyed it
I would recommend this movie anyone
No-one should miss this movie, it's really good
Go see this movie!!!

BY steveisatree superstar

The Hunger Games was a good film, but the "fight to the death" game was done much better in Battle Royal.
However The Hunger Games had a better back story.

All in ill it was a pretty swell film that is worth the watch, but maybe just on DVD.

A refreshingly short review... None of this long review argie barge people seem to be into these days.

BY KatieF superstar

After having read the books, I tried not to have too many expectations for the movie! If I had still had expectations, the movie would have fully surpassed them. The cast was perfect, the action a bit rough with shaky camera but that you can get past. It was so thrilling and kept you in its grasp the whole way through. This series is not just for teen girls! I think everyone that watches it will be pleasantly surprised.

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84% of critics recommend.
Rotten Tomatoes Score. More reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

  • When the goal is simply to be as faithful as possible to the material the best result is a skillful abridgment, one that hits all the important marks without losing anything egregious. And as abridgments go, they don't get much more skillful than this one. Full Review

  • An effective entertainment, and Jennifer Lawrence is strong and convincing in the central role. Full Review

  • As thrilling and smart as it is terrifying. There have been a number of big-gun literary series brought to screen over the past decade. This slays them all. Full Review

  • That rarest of beasts: a Hollywood action blockbuster that is smart, taut and knotty. Full Review

  • Jennifer Lawrence anchors this with impressive gravity and presence, while director Gary Ross gets enough of what matters in the book up on the screen to satisfy its legions of fans worldwide. Full Review

  • Making a successful Hunger Games movie out of Suzanne Collins' novel required casting the best possible performer as Katniss, and in Jennifer Lawrence [they] have hit the bull's-eye, so to speak. Full Review

  • A grown-up teen movie and flaming good entertainment. The big test for the franchise lies ahead with the uneven second and third books. But on this showing, the odds are in its favour. Full Review

  • Proficient, involving, ever faithful to its source... centered around Jennifer Lawrence's impressive star turn. Full Review

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