The Hunger Games

Review: The Hunger Games

26 Mar 12

Perhaps I'm getting a bit old for this.

As I joined the screaming throngs of teenies I have to admit to a moment of trepidation, that brief moment that threatened to fill me with a 'ah screw this' mentality but I'm glad I swallowed my pride and entered with a relatively open mind.

I can understand why it's a hit with the younger females with a kick ass female lead, hunky boys and a love triangle (apparently) to boot -but I cannot, for the life of me, understand why anyone over the age of 17 found it anything other than bog standard and flat.
It seemed to me that the whole life or death aspect with teenagers being selected for what was essentially a death sentence was overlooked - sure it was there yet it was met with a 'meh' response from the main characters. The dynamics between the leads was, from what I gather, supposed to be tension filled and rife with teenage angst but was once again lost in a world of Neo Victorian fashion and emotive acting that would make Kirsten Stewart proud.

It seemed, as with all adaptations, to rely heavily upon information you have previously gathered from other, similar films - not forgetting the books, to fill in what otherwise would be a rather bland mix of poorly acted nothingness.

All in all I was left with a feeling somewhere between indigestion and the vague sense that I had done something for the last two hours, but I couldn't tell you what.