The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone


Steve Carell, Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey, Alan Arkin and James Gandolfini star in this comedy set amongst the cut-throat world of professional Vegas magicians. Superstar illusionists Burt Wonderstone (Carell) and sidekick Anton Marvelton (Buscemi) have ruled the strip for years, raking in millions with an act as big as Burt's ego. But as their friendship digresses into thinly veiled hatred, rising guerilla street magician Steve Gray (Jim Carrey) threatens to topple them.

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I wanted to like this movie but it just runs right out of steam. The only person who really stands out is Jim Carrey. But apart from that its a bunch of repetitive gags strung together by a limping and predictable storyline. A pity really because it could have been so much better. It just needed to sustain the story beyond the bits in the trailer.

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  • Some laughter but little magic in by-the-book Las Vegas comeback tale. Full Review

  • Pulls off the impressive trick of generating laughs on a consistent basis while spinning a clever scenario. Full Review

  • Has its cornball charm, thanks largely to the confident work of old pros Carell, Arkin, and Buscemi, but it's ultimately a big, gaudy, predictable show, strictly for the rubes and tourists. Full Review

  • The inconsistencies in tone - is it an Anchorman-style farce or something more serious? - distract from likeable turns from the leads. Full Review

  • As ever with comedies like this, all the really funny stuff is in the opening 20 minutes. But it's entertaining with a scene-stealer from Alan Arkin. Full Review

  • Can't transcend the fundamental problem built into movies and television shows about magic. It isn't really magic if you're watching it second hand. Full Review

  • Carell and Carrey shine like sequinned suits in a comedy that allows them endless fun with the dressing-up box. Full Review

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