The Jungle Book (2016)

Review: The Jungle Book (2016)

29 Apr 16

Get lost in the Jungle.

Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book is a great example of keeping the spirit of the original intact while bringing it own flavour and style. The characters are great and I love how it is quite dark, something I would not take a young child to perhaps.

This movie is gorgeous and I could use 50 more adjectives to talk about how amazing the film looks. You forget you are watching effectively a green screen and a kid.

Favreau once again has told a great story and done a great job pacing the film with great editing and dialogue. The characters are rich and you care what is happening to them and there are some great themes as well.

Dare I say, hopefully without getting an angry mob on me that this is even better than the original. I said it, I meant it, I'm here to represent it.