The King's Speech

The King's Speech


The big winner at the 2011 Academy Awards (Best Film, Actor, Director and Screenplay), The King's Speech stars Helena Bonham Carter as Queen Elizabeth, Colin Firth as King George VI, and also starring Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce and Michael Gambon.... More

Tells the story of King George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth II. After his brother abdicates, George reluctantly assumes the throne. Plagued by a dreaded stutter and considered unfit to be King, he engages the help of an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue (Rush). Through his friendship with Logue, George finds his voice and confidence, and leads Britain into World War II.Hide

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It’s fitting that The King’s Speech and The Fighter should be both released in New Zealand on the same day. Although one is about a stuttering monarch and the other about a Boston boxer, both pit a man against all odds to achieve a physical and mental challenge and both will leave you feeling royally chuffed.... More

Don’t switch off when you hear the word ‘king’. The appeal here is not limited to the grey-haired, history buffs or staunch monarchists among us. It might feature the prim and proper Royals but this excellent buddy flick – two mismatched partners on a bumpy road to becoming firm friends – is an easily accessible and very satisfying comedy-drama.

To compensate for the ‘stuffy’ period-film label, director Tom Hooper (The Damned United) makes an effort to create visual interest. Off-centre framing, wide-angle close-ups and some theatrically dressed interiors create a bit more pizzazz than your average historical tale.

The performances are simply excellent. Colin ‘nice British guy’ Firth makes an empathetic lead; kind and sensible under his frosty shell. Against him, Geoffrey Rush is full of a twinkle-eyed Antipodean rebelliousness as Aussie speech therapist Lionel Logue. In some ways, the character’s eagerness to be pals with the king is his Achilles heel; it’s a longing for a pedigree that he will never attain.

The King’s Speech will likely prove very popular here, not only due to the down-under connection. The curiousity about the blue-blooded, the struggle with class or wealth differences, and the poignancy of the bro-mance are all key ingredients in this intelligent, feel-good hit.Hide

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BY JayC4Shaw superstar

The genuine struggle was superb. Geoffrey rush was STELLAR, as was the exception late-Mr Darcy.

Throw Helena Bonham Carter into the mix and a decent script and very acurate portrayal of the times and you have a decent movie!

I AM ANGRY that Geoffrey Rush didn't get any recognition in the Academy Awards for this :(

Prepare to hold your breath alongside Colin Firth during his official declaration of War. Beautiful.

Also - the criticism Colin's role received for his apparent 'admiration' of... More Hitler was undeserved, I thought it was a beautiful contrast of Hitler's ability to captivate others with words, something that the prince at the time, lacked.

One question I have - was his older brother really THAT cruel? I thought some of his remarks and immaturity shown towards his family was so rude, that I think in comparison to the subtle acting of the others, it came across as too much sometimes.Hide

BY Sarah29 superstar

In really enjoyed this movie and the cast was superb! You really felt Colin Firth's pain as the stuttering King

BY Gambit70 grader

Colin Firth is exceptional in this movie. The script is perfect, the cast is great, the acting is superb and the cinematography is spot on. Nothing more to say.

BY Jane1 nobody

Those who expected some kind of action thriller completely missed the point. This movie is about characters and relationships and personal courage. Spot-on period sets, costumes and make-up, give it authenticity, and the wonderful acting (Colin Firth is magnificent), take your breath away. A deeply satisfying film of great integrity, I'd happily watch it again.

The King's Speech is better than average, and so perhaps deserves 4 stars, but I think this would be a misleading score.

Nothing in this film was unexpected.

For example: did anyone not guess the speech therapist was going to use unorthodox methods? Is there any doubt at all about the final outcome? Or any part of the plot for that matter? There are some very nice lines, but the story was as standard as it could be.

Apart from Guy Pearce, who is amazing in the few scenes he is in, the... More acting has also been very overrated. It isn't superb; it is good, and nothing more than that.

The cinematography IS excellent, but that isn't enough to make The King's Speech an outstanding film.

So: better than average, but only that.Hide

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  • The piano refrain that opens The King’s Speech tells you to expect a film that prizes respectability above all else. And yet almost imperceptibly, something shifts in Tom Hooper’s period comedy. Full Review

  • That film does have its attractions, notably in its two solid leads and standout support from Mr. Pearce. Full Review

  • If The King’s Speech doesn’t bring him the Oscar he just missed for that role, it’ll be a royal scandal. Full Review

  • While far from easy, both roles provide a delightful opportunity for Firth and Rush to poke a bit of fun at their profession. Full Review

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