The Kitchen

The Kitchen


Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss star in this live action crime drama adapted from the DV/Vertigo graphic novel by Ollie Masters. The wives of some 1970's Hell's Kitchen gangsters continue to operate their husbands' rackets after they get locked up.

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  • McCarthy, Haddish, Moss - Oh, what a movie The Kitchen could have been. But oh what an unholy disaster it is. An early contender for worst of the year. Full Review

  • An offense against feminism, narrative logic and Fleetwood Mac, "The Kitchen" is a terrible, witless mess. Full Review

  • The Kitchen offers nothing redeeming to cling close to our chests, nothing warming nor interesting nor worth investing in. Full Review

  • The plot of "The Kitchen" twists and buckles but it never fully breathes. Full Review

  • When featherweight Domhnall Gleeson, as an intense angel of death, is your feminist Irish mob movie's most interesting asset, you need to find Hollywood's witness-protection program immediately. Full Review

  • It wreaks of studio interference, a film that feels pulled apart and then haphazardly restitched in an editing suite by a committee of people desperate to get it released before swiftly moving on and all agreeing to never speak of it ever again. Full Review