The Last Princess

The Last Princess


Based on the true story of the last princess of the last empire.

Based on a true story, this South Korean period drama focuses on Princess Deokhye's (Ye-Jin Son) life in Japan after being forced to move there at age 13 to attend school, and her frequent attempts at returning home.

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  • ...a refreshing change from typical dramas about the Japanese occupation of Korea, which are usually intent on delivering a message of patriotism, and tend to be heavy-handed in their emotional arcs. Full Review

  • A heart-rending lead performance by Ye-Jin Son graces the heavily wrought melodrama with true pathos. Full Review

  • The Last Princess is a tear jerker, not in a far-fetched way, but in a way so subtle that you don't realise you're crying until you feel it trickle down your cheeks. Full Review

  • The film's biggest virtue, however, is the way it brings a doomed princess of the past to the present and makes audiences want to know more about her. Full Review

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