The Legend of Tarzan

Review: The Legend of Tarzan

14 Jul 16

Swing like an Earl

Everyone knows this story right? So why the next level reboot, again? Hmmm, who knows, but its dam good. So awesome to see that guy from ‘True Blood’ as Lord Greystoke and that awesome dude from bounty hunter from ‘Django Unchained’. The film itself was like a wonderful emotional mix of ‘King Kong’ (2005 Peter Jackson version), ‘Blood Diamond’ and 'Jurassic World’. Truly a great film but nothing really new, only the characters are more vocal about the norm of what we as the audience as seeing and thinking. I felt that helped put me in the film a tad more than the last few reboots.
Genre : adventure, fantasy, drama
3/5 : Not quite the Disney family version I remember as a kid, but really good gorilla fight scenes & the body on this guy!!