The Light Between Oceans

Review: The Light Between Oceans

03 Nov 16

Glacial, regrettable, forgettable

I was gifted a ticket to 'The Light Between Oceans' showing at Dunedins Rialto Cinema, Moray Place. A fine metro theatre with all you'd expect, and an unexpected delight of a couple of Emersons fine products being available at the concession stand. Several crew were students of mine during my brief stint st SIT. I was so proud to see their names in the credit roll.

The film though, is a snorefest.

Fassbender robots his way through an interminably glacial script, with no opportunities to see the man behind the military damage.
The real star of this tedious sideshow is Alicia Vikander who shines with emotion and ability far beyond the overtly handsome and damaged Mr F.

Plagued by formulaic script turns, contrived arcs and not a surprise in sight.
Lack-lustre editing slow down this piece even further and a palette so muted it must've been designed by 'The Beige Brigade' further steal this film from being memorable and worthy.

The target demo, as witnessed in the screening populace, is 50+F, white, middle-class with a box of tissues and one, or more, cats. Please do not. Just don't. There is nothing here, save for nicely composed shots of Port Chalmers, Long Beach, Oamaru and other suitable locations, etc etc etc,

The content of this vapid and instantly forgettable film is just that.