The Lost City of Z

The Lost City of Z


True-life drama about Col. Percival Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), a British explorer who disappeared while searching for a mysterious Amazonian city in the 1920s. Written and directed by four-time Palme d'Or nominee James Gray (Two Lovers).... More

"James Gray's emotionally and visually resplendent epic tells the story of Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett, the British military-man-turned-explorer whose search for a lost city deep in the Amazon grows into an increasingly feverish, decades-long magnificent obsession that takes a toll on his reputation, his home life with his wife (Sienna Miller) and children, and his very existence." (New York Film Festival)Hide

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BY Newt superstar

There's something about jungle movies and their epic scale and grandeur. It's a tried and true formula and The Lost City of Z follows in the same vein as its predecessors such as Fitzcarraldo, Embrace of the Serpent and many others (there is a very pleasing easter egg /homage to the former). Charlie Hunnam redeems himself from any previous transgressions (King Arthur apparently?) and shines as a charismatic adventurer pursuing his love/obsession of the jungle and discovering lost... More civilisations. The movie feels lengthy by the finish but as does any great jungle movie of the past.Hide

The Press Reviews

  • A masterpiece. Gray turns what could have been an easy-bake nostalgia trip to Hollywood classicism-a la the original 'Mutiny on the Bounty'-into something whole contemplative, resonantly melancholic, wise, and cuttingly personal. Full Review

  • A rare piece of contemporary classical cinema; its virtues of methodical storytelling, traditional style and obsessive theme are ones that would have been recognized and embraced anytime from the 1930s through the 1970s. Full Review

  • It makes no major dramatic missteps, yet it could have used an added dimension - something to make the two-hour-and-20-minute running time feel like a transformative journey rather than an epic anecdotal crusade. Full Review

  • The Lost City of Z links every weathered look that Percy Fawcett throws to the heart of his spiritual yearning. Full Review

  • An incandescent reminder that the world's most beautiful mysteries endure precisely because they remain unsolved. Full Review

  • As Fawcett presses on, walking and sailing through dense shadow, streaming light and canopies of variegated green, the natural world comes fantastically alive with strange animal cries, stirring trees, roiling fog and frighteningly violent eddies. Full Review

  • With lush visuals, intelligent performances and a lingering lyricism, this is an instant classic that cements Hunnam's star power. Full Review

  • The grandeur of this movie is off the charts. For a certain kind of old-school film fan, someone who believes in shapely, classical proportions and an epic yarn told over time, it will be the revelation of the year. Full Review

  • Solid and stately, a '70s-feeling jungle adventure film that's more of a thought-provoker than an excitement-inducer. But there's nothing wrong with that. Full Review

  • An engaging, provocative story of one man’s obsession, set at a time when all the corners of the maps had yet to be filled in. Full Review

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