The Lovely Bones

Review: The Lovely Bones

By RexH
25 Jan 10


Actually, it's limbo. Thirty minutes in and I knew I'd made a mistake. Not a lot was happening but like paint it took a long while to dry. No suspense. Well, how could there be? We already knew what was going to happen - we got it in voiceover! And visually it wasn't overly special. The scene in the field could have been a cracker, but it turned into a wet squib. Jackson should take a look at North by Northwest and see how suspense can really build. No voiceovers there, Peter. Another film about serial killers that is playing right now - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - gets everything right and keeps you guessing right to the end. It grips. Lovely Bones doesn't come close. Chick flick - bring three hankies.