The Lovers

The Lovers


A love so strong it can survive marriage.

Rom-com starring Tracy Letts and Debra Winger as a long-married couple whose extra-marital affairs go awry when they unexpectedly fall for each other again.

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  • With its waltz-like score and farcical symmetry, The Lovers is about as full as a movie can be with a premise so thin. Full Review

  • An unpredictably funny showcase for two very deserving actors. Full Review

  • Writer-director Azazel Jacobs finds buoyant comedy and touching gravity in the ashes of a relationship. Above all, give yourself over Winger and Letts-they are perfection. Full Review

  • Having a fling with a younger, hotter artiste type may be a midlife-crisis cliché, but it's one that writer-director Jacobs invests with real flesh, blood and feeling ... Full Review

  • Falling with a thud between two stools, it has neither the zip nor the zaniness of farce nor the airy vivacity of the best romantic comedies. Full Review

  • "The Lovers" is a comedy of Middle American doldrums that leaves you rooting for its characters instead of smirking at them. Full Review

  • The movie exhausts itself in its conception and sits inert on the screen like an undigested mass of script pages. Full Review

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