The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner


In a dystopian future, a group of boys are delivered to The Glade - a large, open expanse ringed by a looming stone maze - with no memory of who they are or how they got there. Their only chance for escape is through The Maze. Adapted from the first novel in the young adult, sci-fi trilogy by James Dashner.... More

When Thomas (Dylan O'Brien, TV's Teen Wolf) wakes up in a lift, the only thing he can remember is his first name. When the doors open, Thomas finds himself surrounded by a group of boys. Just like Thomas, the Gladers don’t know why or how they got there. All they know is that every morning the stone doors to the maze open, every night they're closed, and every 30 days someone new is delivered in the lift. But the day after Thomas arrives, a girl is sent...Hide

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In his feature debut, director Wes Ball runs the risk of getting lost in the gamut of fantastical big-screen YA adaptations. Fortunately, The Maze Runner does a fair bit to break from the pack, even if it doesn’t rise above them. The Maze is the star of the show, and Ball knows how to portray it as a terrifying force half an hour before we see anyone enter. Once inside, the anticipation pays off with well-timed set pieces that will thrill anyone with even a mild case of claustrophobia, agoraphobia, or a fear of that mechanical spider baby thing from Toy Story. (The less you know, the better.)... More

Focused on (mostly) teen boys with amnesia, the story throws up a lot of questions only to have them linger in mid-air for most of the movie. In between this confusion, the group becomes more torn, unable to decide whether they should risk running the maze or live in the safe zone forever. It’s an interesting dynamic that, unfortunately, plays out with very little build-up, undermining the tension of their final decision. When the lingering questions finally drop in the last ten minutes, it fumbles the landing with an overload of exposition that doesn’t reward our patience.

Because of this, The Maze Runner won’t be known for blending smarts with excitement, a la The Hunger Games. However, it does provide flawed-but-fun entertainment for a young male audience, a la some kind of Dude-vergent.Hide

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BY rosiew superstar

The mystery behind the storyline is the greatest appeal for me. The acting was fine, no parts were particularly boring. The only reason I haven't given this five stars is that characters like chuck could have been developed more so that his departure could be as moving as it had potential to have been. If you like dystopian worlds, I see no reason as to why anyone would regret watching this movie. I feel happy to have it on my 'seen' list. Definitely going to see the next movie.

BY GrahamP superstar

The maze is spectacular for its size,scale and in the way it moves.It comes complete with sounds that adds to the effect.
The problem is that it is full of stuff which is only filler between the characters in the story. The Griever's are mostly shown as quick cut scenes so the viewer becomes detached from what is going on.It becomes a frustrating session of sitting it out until the end to find out what it is all about.It would have helped to have read the book before seeing the movie.

BY MissP superstar

I enjoyed this film, although a wee bit predictable in the end it was an enjoyable ride to get there.

I feel like it was missing detail somewhere. Whether it was the universe of the film, character development or somewhere else altogether. It was missing something magical to set it aside from all the other YA dystopian films out there.

BY thorinoak superstar

Begins with an original and intriguing premise; a whole lot of boys trapped outside a deadly maze with no memory of their life before. But what begins in originality ends in the familiar as the story concludes in a world not dissimilar to that of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Giver. Good but not great.

I want to see it every second I love it! I think everyone should see it it's the best movie that ever existed. I love it so much I'm the only one in the family that remembers the names of the boy and the girl their names are Thomas and Theresa. Everyone that sees this comment watch the movie or buy the movie oh the book is amazing as well I honestly think that the book is better than the movie because it has more information.

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  • Aside from some uneven handling of the cast, Ball competently styles the action sequences throughout the film and capitalizes on his VFX expertise... Full Review

  • As world-creation YA pictures go, The Maze Runner feels refreshingly low-tech and properly story-driven. Full Review

  • The sophistication of The Hunger Games and its sequels is setting a benchmark that none of the series' rivals has yet managed to match. This one doesn't change anything. Full Review

  • The Maze Runner’s story only really works if viewers live in the moment and react to the characters’ immediate and intense fears and trials, rather than analyzing the situation that produced them. Full Review

  • The Maze Runner is not a good movie, but it wins points for omitting much of what makes typical teen films excruciating. Full Review

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