The Mermaid

The Mermaid

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Chinese, supernatural comedy-fantasy from director Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle). Follows a mermaid (Jelly Lin) who falls for the evil businessman (Chao Deng) she's been sent to seduce and assassinate... More

Playboy tycoon Liu Xuan purchases the Green Gulf, a wildlife reserve, for a sea reclamation project and uses sonar technology to remove the sea life. Unknown to him, the Green Gulf is also home to merpeople, and the sonar is causing them to die off too. The few survivors live in an abandoned shipwreck in the gulf, and hatch a plan to murder Xuan for his deeds. And so they send Shan, a beautiful mermaid who's trained to walk on her fins and hide among humans, in a "honeytrap" plot against Xuan.

2016Rating: RP13, Violence, sexual references & content that may disturb94 minsChinaMandarin with English subtitles
DramaFantasyRomanceWorld Cinema
Stephen Chow ('Kung Fu Hustle', 'Shaolin Soccer', 'CJ7')
Jelly LinChao DengIvan KotikZhang YuqiShow Lo

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Screen Daily

Screen Daily

Chow infuses his latest romantic comedy with a powerful ecological message... Newcomer Jelly Lin brings a delightfully quirky demeanour to her literal fish out of water.

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Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood Reporter

A sweet, comical and timely ecological fantasy.

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