The Other Boleyn Girl

The Other Boleyn Girl

A romanticised account of the life of the 16th-century aristocrat, Lady Mary Boleyn (Scarlett Johnansson), who was the sister of Queen Anne Boleyn (Natalie Portman) and one-time mistress of King Henry VIII of England. Mary becomes pregnant with King Henry’s bastard child. But during the pregnancy Henry hooks up with the scheming Anne instead, breaking poor Mary’s heart.

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Amazingly acted, great costumes amd music. A great story. Nice that it is based on history.
By jack

Totally incredible! One of the best movies i have ever seen! natalie Portman and Scarlett Johannson are awesome!!!

BY Damon nobody

An empty, vapid film, that relies on costumes and soaring music to tell a story without a script... Blah. Another Elizabeth.

This is a wonderful film just like the book!

I love the movie so much! There's so much love! I hope you like it as well. Good for people who like history! Read the book! ENJOY!!!

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  • The Other Boleyn Girl is a trite soap opera about a socially ambitious extended family dressed in Tudor clothes. While one Boleyn girl is bedded unwedded, the other is bedded, wedded, bedded some more and beheaded. Full Review

  • The Other Boleyn Girl is one of those movies in which double doors are always booted open, horses with riders clothed in red and gold travel in thundering packs, and pretty girls do flirty over-the-shoulder glances. Men plot affairs of high state, women have lines like, "My children! My children!", duplicity rules, and the audience leave pretty much well satisfied. Full Review

  • A rather titillating take on a racy historical novel, this is perhaps too ambitious in intent. More time, or more pruning (perhaps they should just have focused on The Boleyn girl), would have produced a richer and more enjoyable film. Full Review

  • Shot in high definition and filmed at many historic locations, the film somehow still lacks the splendor of an epic, and its urgency to get on with the next plot point leaves much unexplained while context goes out the window. Full Review

  • There is no doubt that Americans Johannson and Portman make English history attractive and will help broaden this chick flick's audience, but unfortunately next to actresses such as Scott Thomas and Torrent they look like a couple of Hollywood starlets in fancy dress who have wandered on to the wrong set. Full Review

  • I suspect fans of period dramas will fill cinemas around the country for this film, with the added box office draw card of Scarlett and Natalie, not to mention Eric for the girls. But I must confess the film didn't make me feel much of anything at all really. Full Review

  • A sexy, good-looking political bodice-ripper with an almost flawless cast at the top of its game. Full Review