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The Piano

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Not only was The Piano – the story of a mute woman and her daughter trying to find love within an arranged marriage in settler-era New Zealand – a fine piece of film making, it also marked a key moment in the emergence of the local film industry as a viable player in a global sense. More

The three Oscars it netted, including Best Supporting Actress for an 11-year-old Anna Paquin, was a major spotlight for both Aotearoa talent and the country as a setting for production. This attention was well deserved, as Jane Campion’s direction is deftly subtle and lyrical in its exploration of love and tragedy and the performances hit just the right notes. The way in which the cinematography highlights the beauty of our natural landscapes is the icing on the cake.

1993Rating: M121 minsAustralia, New Zealand, France

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Award Winner
Winner the Best Lead Actress (Hunter), Best Supporting Actress (Paquin) and Best Screenplay at the 1994 Academy Awards. Best Actress and Palme d'Or winner at Cannes 1993.