The Pink Panther 2

The Pink Panther 2


Steve Martin dons Inspector Clouseau's iconic ‘tache for a second time, in this family comedy. This time the hapless sleuth is on the trail of a cat burglar called The Tornado, investigating another theft of the Pink Panther diamond and trying to find the missing Magna Carta while he’s at it. Cue the usual madcap shenanigans.... More

Backing up Martin is an impressive cast – including John Cleese (replacing Kevin Kline as Chief Inspector Dreyfus), Alfred Molina, Andy Garcia and Jeremy Irons as well as Jean Reno and Emily Mortimer returning from the 2006 film. Bollywood lovely and former Miss World Aishwarya Rai plays female lead Sonia – a criminologist aiding the investigation.Hide

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Some kids in the cinema were laughing but this left me cold. If you’re wondering why we need another Pink Panther movie, watching this shambles will not offer any answers. Steve Martin plays Inspector Jacques Clouseau in an idiotic and tiresome performance, intended to mimic Peter Sellers in the ‘70s originals but missing the mark entirely.... More

The drab screenplay, co-written by Martin, is predictable and uninspired. Plot twists are heavily signalled early on, accompanied by a string of lame gags and word play geared towards a pre-teen audience. A handful of great actors – Alfred Molina, Emily Mortimer, Jeremy Irons, John Cleese – take a cheque and ham it up for the cheap seats.

With a few good laughs, this would have at least been mediocre entertainment for the kids. Instead, it’s just a bore – unimaginative and unfunny. That sound you can hear during the end credits is Peter Sellers turning in his grave.Hide

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He's the man!!! funny movie. I never liked the pinker panther but this movie was so mint that i gotta buy it

Bad movie

the best movie i have ever seen!!!

BY Bonux superstar

Well this is Steve Martin but what do you expect, was this guy ever happen to be funny?

I've seen a special preveiw of this, and I will not go to the teaters on AFriday to see the rest. The plot is very weak. Martin lost his talent after Cheaper by the Dozen. All of his co stars have a menial role and just stand around. No one says anything funny. No one does anything funny. All in all, it's a waste.

The Press Reviews

  • Peter Sellers was a genius who somehow made Inspector Clouseau seem as if he really were helplessly incapable of functioning in the real world and somehow incapable of knowing that. Steve Martin is a genius, too, but not at being Clouseau. It seems more like an exercise. Full Review

  • A mirthless shot in the dark that misses the target by some distance. Full Review

  • There is no real plot, the movie's filled with friends of Steve, the comedy is terribly overplayed, or the comedy is overplayed terribly (again, you can choose) -- what you're left with is a bag of tricks that has seen better days. Full Review

  • This comedy whodunit generates more laughs than its predecessor, which is to say, two or three. Full Review