The Proposition

The Proposition


A western written by Nick Cave (of The Bad Seeds), set against the parch landscape of the 1880s, lawless, Australian outback. The land is hostile, unforgiving, and breeds heartless men - desperado brothers, zealous lawman, his civilized wife, a corrupt mayor, old coots, and resentful natives.... More

The story follows Charlie (Guy Pearce) who, after being captured by the police at the scene of a bloody rape and murder, is given an ultimatum: his sins will be pardoned if he finds and kills his outlaw brother.

"Singer Nick Cave brings an Old Testament flavour to his second screenplay, whose theme and tone will be familiar to fans of his music", says the BBC. 


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Dark, violent & engaging. Not a run of the mill movie. Suspect that this will be more appealing to fans of Nick Cave. Memorably Australian.

Typically, Cave has a very dark view of the world.

This is a rivetting tale of right and wrong, justice and injustice, of the truth of 'the human condition' that lurks beneath the surface, no matter the person's position, power, wealth, or status.

It is a commentary on what really makes a society 'civilized' or how rapidly civility can degenerate. It shows there are no furry edges: that without respect for our fellow man and adherence to the rule of law, all is chaos.

As the final... More scene clearly depicts, without forgiveness there is no hope!Hide

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87% of critics recommend.
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  • BBC

    COMPLEX AND SUPERBLY PERFORMED... A bloody, fascinating Aussie western. The desperate story plays out in the stunning but spartan barren Outback - a place as hard and unforgiving as the men who roam it. It's a savagely entertaining look at the nature of man... Full Review

  • A movie you cannot turn away from; it is so pitiless and uncompromising, so filled with pathos and disregarded innocence, that it is a record of those things we pray to be delivered from... Full Review

  • A good film, but it should've been a great one... Full Review

  • A fascinating, mythological western set in the hot, dusty, fly-infested desolation of the Australian Outback of the 1880s. The violence of the landscape reflects the violence of the savage men, who roam this frontier devoid of civilization and of God... Full Review

  • This is a grisly, but powerful, film that is both a great Western and a meditation on power, evil, and the weakness of humans in a hostile landscape. The most assured Australian film in years... Full Review

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