The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth


In this Kiwi sci-fi classic, scientist Zac Hobson (played New Zealand great, Bruno Lawrence) awakens to discover that he many be the last man on Earth. Homes, highways and entire cities are deserted, every living thing has disappeared. Frustrated and plagued by megalomaniacal visions, Zac stands on a balcony and grandly addresses an 'audience' of cardboard standups (from Queen Elizabeth to Bob Marley), declaring himself "President of this quiet earth". But Hobson soon discovers that he may not be alone...... More

Released in 1986 The Quiet Earth was a critically acclaimed award winner in New Zealand, while in America it became a cult classic - described by the LA Daily as "simply the best science-fiction film of the '80s".Hide

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BY bigspendakev superstar

I remember seeing this movie when i was a lot younger so wanted to buy this on dvd but could you think you could buy it here no had to buy it from overseas .Bruno lawrence plays a man alone in the world after some major catastrophe hits the world,Is he the only one left he starts to go crazy and nuts until he meets a young lady with whom he greatly enjoys her company until a third wheel pops up in the shape of another man trying to solve what happened and why he realizes the reason why they... More surrvived.That reason they were on the brink of death at the very moment of the disaster seeing only one solution he decides to try and put things right but will all return to normal well i guess yopu better go and rent or buy this great Kiwi classic.Hide

As a migrant to NZ I was ignorant about the NZ film industry. This film is one of the best made here and a cracking Sci-fi movie. A combination of good sotroy, direction, production and acting make it sing. Although not a lot of the scientific side is explained the plot places our protagonists in an unusual existential situation. We have elements of the journey story, the love story, the man-alone story, all wrapped up in this unpretentious and riveting small-budget film. If you like this also... More check out 'Utu' (Similar crew)and 'Sleeping Dogs'.Hide

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  • Geoff Murphy has taken a man-alone theme and turned it imaginatively to strong and refreshing effect in The Quiet Earth. Full Review

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