The Revenant

Review: The Revenant

15 Feb 16

Half dead, half alive...

It’s hard to write off a movie that’s this well-crafted, but even with the best production design, special effects and cinematography that money can buy, The Revenant can stagger only so far.

By the half-way point, the film has pretty much run out of steam, and what should be a propulsive thriller instead becomes a tediously meandering object, tottering towards the 150-minute mark on legs even wobblier than those of its protagonist, friend of nature and bear-maulee Hugh Glass (Leonardo diCaprio). By the time diCaprio survives a preposterous cliff-dive and spends the subsequent night in some particularly malodourous sleeping conditions, the film has devolved into a survivalist parody of First Blood that achieves the impressive feat of making John Rambo seem like simpering milksop by comparison. Laugh? I nearly did.

If it gets its claws into you (heh), you may have a more enjoyable time than I did, but with the exception of the bravura (and genuinely upsetting) bear-attack sequence, The Revenant couldn’t make me care about anything that was happening within each of the exquisitely composed frames – Leo wasn’t the only person left cold by the experience.