The Revenant

Review: The Revenant

By Booper
19 Apr 16

I love Leo ... but WTF

I am a massive Leo fan my cats are called Leo and Gatsby after him in fact. I had high hopes for the Revenant, great reviews, great cast, great director but no.

The storyline is not at all original or unique everyone has seen a tale of revenge in many different genres with different actors. Leo was just playing Leo but in a fur coat! At no point in the film did I believe he was in character. The film was approx 30 minutes too long with the end was especially draw out.

Okay that all feels a bit negative. So what didn't I hate. Visually The Revenant was stunning every scene looked beautiful. Supporting cast I enjoyed Domhnall Gleeson is most certainly an actor to watch who is appearing in everything lately and is always on point. Tom Hardy played his part well but his accent almost seemed to turn a little bit Bane-y at some points.

I wanted to be blow away and thought I would be especially after 'that bear scene' early on but overall not impressed.