The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Review: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Ross
11 May 07

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Don't Dream It, Be It!

What a movie! It grabs you, shakes you up, and spits you out as a transvestite with a fetish. From Brad and Janet, our so-called heroes, to Dr. Scott and Dr. Frank-N-Furter, noone is safe from the movie's motto - Give Yourself Over To Absolute Pleasure! The movie is faithful to the award-winning stage show - an amazing experience on stage or as a film.

However, it's the music which really gets you. Tunes from Richard O'Brien, the music is sometimes rocky, sometimes smooth ballads, and sometimes just groovy! The Time Warp is remade as one of the biggest theatre tunes of our time, and well deserved!

Well worth the watch!