The Secret of Marrowbone

The Secret of Marrowbone


Four siblings seek refuge in an old house after the death of their mother, only to discover that the house has another, more sinister inhabitant, in the debut feature from director Sergio G. Sánchez. Cast includes Anya Taylor-Joy (Split and Glass) and Mia Goth (2018's Suspiria remake).

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  • A solid rather than spectacular creepshow thriller that would have benefited from Sánchez employing a few more original ideas. Full Review

  • Scary enough to please most genre buffs, it would also play well in art houses: If you were to go through and remove every hint of ghosts, you'd still have a drama well worth seeing. Full Review

  • Powerfully frustrating, undone by an ornate storytelling style in which twists only beget more twists, all in service of some fairly obvious observations about guilt, self-deception and devotion. Full Review

  • This distinctively terrible film is a hideous hotchpotch of shouty overacting and muddled storytelling, unable to make up its mind if it's a family drama, a supernatural chiller or a psychological mystery. Full Review

  • Consider the Marrowbone glass to be either half-empty of potent horror, or half-full of everything else it's got going for it - a decent glug, stylistically speaking, but not quite enough. Full Review

  • The direction by Sergio G Sánchez is uneven, the narrative consistently illogical...and the final "twist" visible from early in the first act. Disappointing. Full Review

  • Marrowbone is proof that with a strong sense of place and characters an audience cares about, you can make a good horror movie without games, gimmicks, or even much narrative coherence. Full Review