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Disney re-make of the Disney original (1959). It follows Deputy D.A. Dave Douglas (try and repeat ten times quickly) who's... More

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"With a couple of priceless scenes as a prosecutor trying desperately to contain his inner canine, Tim Allen turns what could have been an obligatory revisiting into something worth seeing. It helps that the judge is one of today's great and underappreciated comic foils: Jane Curtin, who made John Lithgow look so good in "Third Rock From the Sun."..."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"If Queen Latifah can step into Alec Guinness' "Last Holiday" and Steve Martin can from "Father of the Bride" to "Cheaper by the Dozen" to "The Pink Panther" remakes, why shouldn't producer-actor Tim Allen take a romp as "The Shaggy Dog"? Director Brian Robbins, a young veteran of teen and family fare, and five writers have turned out a fast-moving Walt Disney Co. comedy that manages to sail past many of the cliches usually found in this genre while throwing together a wild story line more apt for a new millennium. Business could be brisk for the tweener crowd. DVD sales and rental figures look to be strong..."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Disney enlisted Tim Allen, the comedian famous for faux-macho barking on his prime-time 90's sitcom, to star in the remake of their 1959 live-action hit The Shaggy Dog. It would be easy to say this unnecessary update falls short because Tim Allen is no Fred MacMurray, but the real problem here is the unimaginative script. When an audience full of eight-year-olds only chuckles only once or twice during a Disney movie about a man who turns into a dog, something is wrong..."

Premiere MagazinePremiere Magazine

"After the recent success of Freaky Friday, Disney continues to mine its own supernatural-comedy vault for this remake of the 1959 family feature. This time it's a man, not a boy, who's transformed into a sheepdog: Tim Allen's Deputy DA Dave Douglas, who's representing a scientist (Robert Downey Jr.) secretly performing animal experiments. Hence the dog bite that starts Dave twitching, growling and turning into a full-on cat-chasing mutt..."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

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PG, contains low level violence
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