The Social Network

Review: The Social Network

23 Feb 11

A Star is born in Eisenberg

Eisenberg took the step up to A-List actor in this film. He is simply brillant and if not for Firth's performance in The King's Speech may well see himself as the frontrunner for the Oscar in any other year.

Fincher and Sorkin have their fingerprints all over this film. The script is one of a kind. It's clever, it's fast and it's just really really great.

The musical score is mesmerising also, the haunting music at the start of the film as Zuckerberg walks through Havard sets up the tone of the entire film.

The sound editing and mixing is fantastic, the nightclub scene is a clinic in filmmaking as we can clearly hear the conversation with loud music blaring - Something that may go unappreciated by some.

However there are some lazy spots - Such as the use of the female lawyer to explain some things - The audience is getting told rather than shown. It seems like she is simply there to book-end a statement made by Rooney Mara's character at the beginning of the story. The female lawyer character just seems lazy.

Also, the plotline of the asian girlfriend seemed to come and go as it pleased which creates possibly one of the worst scenes in a good movie this year as she sets the bedroom of Andrew Garfield's character alight.

Aside from those two points, The Social Network is a clinic in filmmaking. Music, editing, sounds, cinematography, writing, direction with an incredibly strong lead performance - it is everything you want in a film.

8/10 - 4 Stars