The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music


Julie Andrews is a problematic nun who is sent as a governess to the Von Trapp family, where she melts the widowed war hero father’s icy heart, enriches the seven children’s lives and escapes the fast approaching Nazi invasion, all in her own unique musical fashion. ... More

Reading that back, it seems like it should never work, let alone be one of the most beloved and iconic musicals ever committed to celluloid. It’s peppered with some of the most recognizable songs to ever emanate from Hollywood thanks to the legendary composition duo of Rodgers and Hammerstein, plus a touching and absolutely convincing love story. Perhaps the biggest testament to its undying popularity is the fact that its setting of Salzburg is now one of the biggest tourist traps in Austria.Hide

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  • BBC

    A heartwarming classic from Hollywood's last golden age that represents a shining beacon of surety in our uncertain world Full Review

  • Still has a little soul in its bones. Full Review

  • The magic and charm of Rodgers-Hammerstein-Lindsay-Crouse 1959 stage hit are sharply blended in this filmic translation which emerges one of the top musicals to reach the screen. Full Review

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