The Spy Who Dumped Me

117 mins
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Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are best friends who end up on an espionage mission after one of them finds... More

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"Female lead comedies are so notoriously hit and miss that, at this point, it kind of seems like common sense to just avoid them: for every Girls Trip there are ten truly terrible Amy Schumer movies just waiting to ruin your girl’s night. Thankfully then, The Spy Who Dumped Me is a rare safe-bet: perhaps not the absolute funniest or most original comedy on the market, it still stands well above the rest while resisting the cloying cynicism that so often defines its ilk."

Flicks, Katie ParkerFlicks

"With the right vehicle, Kate McKinnon could rule in the movies. But "The Spy Who Dumped Me" isn't that vehicle."


"What makes The Spy Who Dumped Me stand out, somewhat, is that director Susanna Fogel makes it genuinely funny-which shouldn't be that remarkable for a comedy, but here we are."

Vanity FairVanity Fair

"At times, Ms. Kunis seems stranded in Zeppo territory while Ms. McKinnon channels the other three Marx Brothers at the same time. But the two of them find a relaxed, nimble rhythm that keeps the movie going..."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"Light-hearted is the sweet spot for this would-be romp, yet the filmmakers keep trapping its stars in stunts that don’t play to their strengths..."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

""The Spy Who Dumped Me" wears its gender politics and its paean to female friendship with gratifying lightness, and Fogel keeps the action moving too briskly for even the missteps to leave skid marks."

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

"The easy chemistry of the stars only counts for so much in a picture that quickly becomes a hodgepodge of action-comedy gags, nonsensical even when compared to a Roger Moore-era Bond flick, and much less memorable."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"It’s too half-baked in tone, too tone-deaf in its jokes, and too jokey in its half-baked plotting…"


"A mirthless, dead-on-arrival dud."

Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly

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R16, Strong violence, offensive language & nudity
Action, Comedy
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