The Summer House (Les Estivants)

The Summer House (Les Estivants)

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A filmmaker (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, also writing and directing) deals with a breakup and tries to write her next screenplay while on a French Riviera vacation in this French comedy drama. More

"A large and beautiful property on the French Riviera. A place that seems out of time and sheltered from the rest of the world. Anna goes there with her daughter for a few days of vacation. Amidst her family, friends and the house staff, she has to handle her fresh break-up with her partner and the writing of her next film. Behind their laughter, anger and secrets emerge fears, desires and power relations. Everyone shuts out the rumblings of the world and must face the mysteries of their own existence." (Venice Film Festival)

2019Rating: M, Sex scenes, offensive language & nudity127 minsFrance, ItalyFrench with English subtitles

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