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The Toll

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A seemingly ordinary man working an isolated toll booth in Wales becomes the focal point of cops, criminals, and all manner of chaos in this UK crime flick. More

Brendan works solo shifts in the quietest toll booth in Wales, hiding from a criminal past where nobody would ever look. When he finally gets rumbled, word of his whereabouts gets out and his enemies head west for revenge. Meanwhile, local traffic cop Catrin’s investigation into a simple robbery finds her heading for the booth at exactly the wrong time.

2021Rating: R13, Violence & offensive language83 minsUK

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Screen Daily

A youthful exuberance in the writing and a high tolerance for eccentricity makes for a certain gauche quality in this energetic West Wales-set crime film, a debut from Ryan Andrew Hooper.

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The Toll is available to stream in New Zealand now on Apple TV.