The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The Twilight Saga: New Moon


In the second installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and his family abandon the town of Forks, Washington, in an effort to protect Bella (Kristen Stewart) from the dangers inherent in their world. The heartbroken Bella sleepwalks through her senior year of high school, but her frozen heart is gradually thawed by her budding relationship with childhood friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner), a member of the mysterious Quileute tribe. When it becomes clear that Bella is still in grave danger, she finds herself in a race against the clock, learning both the secret of the Quileutes and Edward’s true motivation for leaving. She also faces the prospect of a potentially deadly reunion with her beloved that is a far cry from the one she’d hoped for.

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If Twilight was a catalyst for the world’s love affair with Robert Pattinson, New Moon does the same for Kristen Stewart. The young actress shines in her umpteen close-ups, bringing the intensity of heartbreak and the single-mindedness of young love to movie-goers of all ages. The pain hurts but it’s never been prettier. ... More

Director Chris Weitz is mostly faithful to the moody tone of Catherine Hardwicke’s first film, the Vancouver bush and wild ocean providing a backdrop to the film’s stunning cinematography. But he ramps it up to feel bigger and slicker with more action and humour, awkward teen moments providing most of the laughs. Guys who didn’t appreciate the love story will find plenty to keep them interested as Jacob introduces Bella to the temper tantrums of werewolves (and essentially hormonal boys), and the protagonist gets reckless riding motorbikes and cliff-diving. She’s one of the boys, is Bella.

Whereas Twilight stands alone as a great love story, New Moon feels part of something bigger, introducing new mythologies and delving into the blood-thirsty world of the Voltari vampires in Tuscany, and the history behind the vampire and werewolves feud. The film dwells too long on some of the one-on-one dialogue and would have benefited from a slightly zippier pace but overall, New Moon does justice to the next chapter of the greatest love story of the zeitgeist.Hide

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BY CSBright superstar

it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dum worst one yet

i thought this was quite good but they missed out a bit. i quite like the book better and Catheriine HARdwicke is better. still, i quite liked it but twilight was better... 4 stars

I love this movie and it stay true the book but some bits they did miss out. But I still love it!!!!

Inspite the popular opinion of this series that only teenage love struck girls love this series, I am here to say that you are wrong! I am in my early 30 (mum of 2) and my Mum in her early 50 loves this series (may I add we are both happily marriesd...LOL).

I love the books they are great, was pissed that Twilight didnt follow the book closely and left out (what I felt) to be important moments of B & E's relationship. However New Moon followed the book as closely as it was allowed with the... More time limits. I think the colors were great and over all amazingly done. NEW MOON as a book was my least fav because of the break up and the toll it takes on B....However I loved the way it was handled in the movie and I dint notice that 2 hours have gone. Watched it 3 times with different grp of people and loved it. Eclipse again will be different with more action and different take on the romance. I think this is one of those movie/book series that either you love it or you dont and the rating proves it...most either give 5 or 1...LOL

If you havnt seen it and you love Twilight/romance/paranormal it!!Hide

awesome movie bring on the next saga

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  • If you buy in to the central romance, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll swoon. Otherwise, the lingering glances, lip-chewing and regular de-shirting may cause uncontrollable giggles. Full Review

  • Once again, the three young leads give committed performances, with Lautner's character allowed a larger share of the spotlight this time around. Full Review

  • Constrained by the plot of the novel, the film keeps the two lovers apart for quite a spell, robbing the project of the crazy-in-love energy that made "Twilight," the first entry in the series, such a guilty pleasure. Full Review

  • The big tease turns into the long goodbye in The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the juiceless, near bloodless sequel. Full Review

  • Let's just say it: It's great there's a movie that makes teenage girls scream. Half the movies Hollywood makes are designed to make teenage boys scream, and those boy movies are just as ridiculous and a lot nastier than New Moon. Full Review

  • Is this sequel defending its fan base and preempting criticism about its transparent agenda? This IS a soap opera, folks--and acceptable escapism for those old enough to see it yet still young enough to shriek at undead dreamboats. Full Review

  • Carried by Kristen Stewart's compellingly dark performance, but also by helmer Chris Weitz's robust visuals. Full Review