The Wild

The Wild


This fluffily, digitally, animated feature from Disney (without the midas touch of Pixar) starring a raft of voice talents (notably the brilliant UK comic Eddie Izzard), is - to be frank - a shameless rip-off of DreamWorks' 'Madagascar'. Differing though in syle: "Where Madagascar was all sharp edges and blocky slabs of uniform color, The Wild is filled with softness and texture" (NYT).... More

Follows the misadventures of a band of animals who've escaped their home at the New York City Zoo, in search of a fellow inmate who's been shipped to the wild (see! exactly the same!). A lion (Sutherland), a giraffe (Garofalo), a koala (Izzard), a squirrel (Belushi) and an anaconda (Kind), join together to save their bud - tackling the the urban wilderness of New York City and the real wilderness of Africa.Hide

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Apparently this was the largest animation film made in Canada.....not a fact that i would be quoting too loudly if i were a canadian.

I'll start with the highlights: Eddie Izzard is brilliant as the slightly 'out of touch with reality' koala. I also had quite a few laughs with some of the more adult humour.

To explain the negatives, picture yourself at a meeting of disney executives: "okay guys, we need to prove we can do a great animation without Pixar....any ideas?", silence, "okay... More then, someone get out every pixar movie and the best of dreamworks....take pieces of each and mix them into a soul-less movie".

Okay, maybe a little harsh, but one thing is for sure, this movie is missing the key element that makes every Pixar movie a classic; Soul!!!!

I'll leave the last comment to my kids "is this madagascar?", Dad hides his face "no kids, it's a different movie.....kind of"Hide

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19% of critics recommend.
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  • This is the third animated feature in a row (after "Curious George" and "Ice Age: The Meltdown") which aims at children and has no serious ambition to be all things to all people... Full Review

  • Lifting a concept isn't exactly foreign to the world of animation (what's The Lion King if not Bambi with manes?), but it isn't often a rip-off gets as blatant as The Wild, a flat-out regurgitation of Madagascar... Full Review

  • The film is a relentlessly loud and ultimately exhausting exercise only partially leavened by the usual heavy doses of wisecracking humor and visual gags... Full Review

  • With its narrative resemblance to last year's "Madagascar", the latest zoo-animals-gone-native adventure, The Wild, makes you suspect that both projects benefited from the same uncredited script doctor. The animation, however, is a different matter: where Madagascar" was all sharp edges and blocky slabs of uniform color, "The Wild" is filled with softness and texture. When a breeze stirs the coat of Samson the lion, the hairs lift and separate just like the real thing... Full Review

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