The Wolfman

The Wolfman


Re-make of the Lon Chaney/Universal horror classic made in 1941. The story follows a British man (Benicio Del Toro) who returns home to Victorian England from America, only to get himself bitten by a werewolf. Anthony Hopkins plays his unhinged father, and Emily Blunt the love interest.... More

The make-up effects are by transformation-go-to-man, Rick Baker (Edward Scissorhands, Planet of the Apes, Michael Jackson's Thriller, to name a few). Directed by the man behind Jumanji, October Sky and Jurassic Park III.Hide

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This lavish remake of Universal’s 1941 horror classic shifts the action back to 1891, with Scotland Yard’s Inspector Abberline (Hugo Weaving) – who in real-life presided over the Jack the Ripper case – sent to the fictional town of Blackmoor to investigate some mysterious murders. Here we find a haggard-looking Benicio del Toro turning into a vicious R-rated killing machine and lumbering through a beautifully gothic landscape of misty forests and cobwebby hallways.... More

Pleasingly, Rick Baker’s decidedly retro makeup gives the lupine anti-hero the look of a man in a wolf costume. The CGI is hit and miss, however, and the character is ungainly and uninvolving when he’s bounding across London rooftops. More tangible delights come via Anthony Hopkins as an eccentric father with a few secrets of his own.

There are plenty of lines such as “May God have mercy on his soul”, with a rogues’ gallery of characters including a weedy vicar desperate to destroy the beast and a German psychiatrist administrating ‘cures’ at a mental asylum. It’s this self-awareness that I enjoyed, finding the film more camp than scary.

Possibly there was some intention to examine the idea of the beast within us all but Hollywood helmer Joe Johnston goes for thrills over chills. His over-the-top approach means that The Wolfman is a fun watch.Hide

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Spent the whole movie thinking how good a dark, gore-filled remake of the original Universal WOLF MAN could have been. To waste such a stellar cast on a script this flimsy? Joe Johnston must be barking! I've read this was star Benicio Del Toro's pet (excuse the pun...) project - so maybe blame goes to him for not ensuring a more decent script. This just makes me want to see AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON again - at least that had a sense of humour and proper scares! Entertaining as a throwback... More to the horror genre of yesteryear, but a disappointment. Unengaging, far from thrilling - yup, a dog's breakfast.Hide

I don't partically like remakes, or horrors but this film is fantastic. The plot and acting is better than it is in the original, special effects is great and a lot more, the film reachs the standards I expect, with Anthony Hopkins and Benecio Del Toro, as two lead actors, nothing can go wrong it seems, some of the violence in this film is bone crunching and a bit too graphic, but none the less, it is is like a parellel line to Hopkin's Silence of the Lambs. It is as impressive as any horror... More film, it has the suspense of the Excorist and the drama and violence of The Silence of the Lambs it seems that much of this film is developed on the original, other horror films and some original ideas for the film too, a great cast, a good plot, a good director and a great expectation I expect a lot of this film in it's later review and awards ceremonies!!!Hide

You will like this movie if you are a fan of Old fashion type Cult Horror Flicks such as "Dracula", and if you are into the horror gore gender as there is a bit of Blood and guts in this Film. Personlly i was expecting more from this movie, as there wasnt much interesting parts in the movie, was a bit boring and predictable. Still worth a watch if you like Gotchic movie.

BY RexH superstar

I just saw this film - wasn't going to but glad I did. Not a work of genius but cleverly reconstructed to resemble the original Universal film with Lon Chaney Jr. That movie, like so many of Universal's horror line (the Mummy springs to mind}, looks dated and quaint now, but still evokes quie an atmosphere. This latest incarnation ladles on the misty woodlands and bare branched creaking trees silhouetted against a glowing full moon, too. Decaying mansions, ruined churches, tidy village...... More Everything is art directed to perfection. And London looks great, too. It all works to drive the story. The acting is capable - nothing exceptional and given the simplicity of the script that's no surprise. But what could - and has - been seen as a weakness works here as a strength. The story is kept simple without any psychological overlay - just like the original. The same applies to the wolfman himself. Advances in cgi could have created a truly over-the-top beast but the movie wisely has choesen to follow the original. It emphasises the human in the beast and vice versa. There is more gore - but not too much. This film reminded me, too, of the Hammer films of the sixties but without the sex! In fact the film is remarkably chaste - again just like its forebear. It's like a time capsule. No psychobabble, no gratuitous violence, no sexual titilation... My god!! Is it possible to make a movie like this in the 21st Century? Apparently so. And I, for one, am glad they made it.Hide

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  • The Wolfman avoids what must have been the temptation to update its famous story. It plants itself securely in period, with a great-looking production set in 1891. Full Review

  • In a few years' time, browsing the sale bin at your local video store, you'll be struggling to remember whether you've even seen it. Full Review

  • An uneven tone and the feeling of too many cooks mars the finished product, but there are moments of beauty and real terror. Full Review

  • A remake of a classic horror movie is well acted and atmospheric yet fails to truly engage. Full Review

  • Not bad enough to be considered a camp, guilty pleasure, it's more of a dull, defanged dirge with the reliably intriguing Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins turning in oddly disaffected performances. Full Review

  • Unlike the original, this will not haunt dreams for generations. Full Review

  • An enjoyably bloody homage to Universal’s classic hair ’em, scare ’em monster. There’s plenty of gore and guts to cheer; it just needed more of everything else: heart, horror, affection and artistry. Full Review

  • The constant repetition of these shock tactics, in lieu of genuine suspense, makes The Wolfman feel cheap, despite the vast amounts obviously spent on Rick Heinrichs' opulent production design, the extensive visual effects, the more-than-effective special makeup effects, Milena Canonero's luxurious costumes, Danny Elfman's insistent score and the tony cast. Full Review