There Will Be Blood

Review: There Will Be Blood

05 Mar 08

stunning movie but that grating music drove me nuts

I agree with the reviewers ....stunning with few flaws ...but my God the soundtrack (music)...has there ever been anything more grating and annoying...I can rationalize that the whining and discordant sounds reinforced the troubled angst of the characters and conflicting needs but it was so emotionally difficult to listen to that I considered leaving the theatre. The music competed for attention saying 'listen to me, aren't I clever and different'.

I noted that at the end of the viewing no one in the theater moved for about one minute...people were stunned... For me, it took a while to emotionally shake of the taint of being exposed to the lesser aspects of the human condition, the grasping, vain, self delusion and is certainly a film that stays with you.