There Will Be Blood

Review: There Will Be Blood

By Bonux
09 May 08

Lewis at his best.

Once upon a time in the oil industry... it does not sound to good for a movie as politics does not go well with entertainment especially at the pump. But after all, the movie is pretty good, the picture is great, the solitude and dryness of the landscape add to the drama and the story is brilliantly delivered by the actors. Lewis acting is quite stunning in the lead role as a hard working achiever that the spectator probably respects at the start of the film and then little by little his character is consumed by greed and almost madness that makes him unpleasant but yet so familiar. It is hard to resist the temptation to draw a parallel between There Will be Blood and the power of the oil industry nowadays. As inhuman as the machine can be today, the movie reminds us how it all started in a very human sort of way. Whether it is inspired from a true story or not is unrelevant, between the war in Iraq and the price of petrol at your pump, it is not hard to be captivated by that movie.