This Changes Everything (2015)

This Changes Everything (2015)

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Documentary narrated by Naomi Klein and inspired by her non-fiction bestseller of the same name. Four years of shooting across nine countries and five continents examines whether the crisis of climate change offers an opportunity to fix broken economic systems. More

"An urgent dispatch on climate change that explores how our violent disregard for our planet has endangered both it and ourselves, and how resisting this abuse and opposing the forces that propagate it can have a profound — even revolutionary — impact upon the makeup of our society. With Klein serving as narrator and guide, the film examines several individual cases worldwide — from ranchers in Montana dealing with floods and an oil spill to grandmothers in Greece protesting the arrival of a Canadian gold-processing complex, from fishermen in India rejecting a coal-fired power plant to migrant workers in Fort McMurray drowning their sorrows — to show both the ravages of unchecked capitalist "development" and some of the grassroots initiatives that have begun to combat them." (Toronto International Film Festival)

2015Rating: M89 minsUSA, Canada
Avi Lewis ('The Take')
Naomi Klein

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