This Way of Life

This Way of Life


‘I treat my children the way I would like to have been raised,’ says Peter Karena, none too impressed by the adoptive father who raised him. In this captivating, visually ravishing doco, we watch Peter and his wife Colleen over an eventful four years as they do whatever it takes to provide emotional security and a life in harmony with nature for their six children.... More

As charismatic a subject as any filmmaker could ask for, Peter makes ends meet as a horse-whisperer, builder and hunter. Seeing the children riding bareback through the East Coast dunes or astride a horse moving up a river with their father is like glimpsing the infancy of the classical gods. (Yes, Tom Burstyn’s cinematography is that remarkable.) But is such glorious freedom, a respect for nature and the abundant love of family all a child needs? Never evangelical, Peter and Colleen talk with unassuming vitality about the values they are instilling in their children. You might well leave their company persuaded that the parents of the future should be getting to know horses now. (Source: NZ International Film Festival)Hide

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I am glad to know that there are still individual out there that live what they preach, they set a standard for the rest of us...

I'm totally blown away....been thinking about this family for 3 weeks now. God bless them!!
Being rejected by a parent blows a hole in a person.... Stay strong Pete!! Colleen and the kids will see you through.

i loved this movie ! i meet them ! i went on there horse trek with my school ?!

Wow, only saw trailers but what a lovely family. With so many examples of 'missing fathers' in the lives of their children and hard economic times Peter and Colleen you have more than we'll ever have - it's a beautiful tale of the fusion of love, man and nature...

BY keeshy superstar

all round

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  • A resonant and often stunningly shot portrait of a sprawling, vivacious Maori family that abandons material comforts and a darkly domineering patriarch grandfather, Full Review

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