Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Oscar-winner Frances McDormand (Fargo) leads this darkly comic crime mystery from the writer-director of In Bruges, following a mother who's fed up with her daughter's murder case having gone unsolved for months. To kick things back into gear, she buys billboard space in her small town and slams the local law enforcement. Co-stars Woody Harrelson (The Hunger Games), Sam Rockwell (Moon), and Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones).

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Writer/Director Martin McDonagh follows his uproariously funny In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths with that rarest of cinematic treats, an entertaining and stimulating movie, with a superb script, rich characters and a cracking cast. Think the dramatic power of Coen brothers’ No Country for Old Men, and the outrageous humour of The Big Lebowski, and you’re within a billboard’s-length of getting the picture.... More

Frances McDormand plays Mildred. Her daughter’s violent murder has gone unsolved, so she rents out three old billboards on the outskirts of town, asking why there’s been no arrest and naming and shaming local Police Chief, Willoughby (Woody Harrelson), who has problems of his own. To say more would be risking spoilers for an unpredictable plot that twists, turns, shocks, surprises, confounds and delights.

The cast are simply stunning, McDormand and Harrelson own the screen, with Sam Rockwell hilarious and chilling as a redneck cop and mama’s boy, John Hawkes as Mildred’s ex-husband, and Peter Dinklage as her would-be beau. Every character is fleshed out, essential and avoids cliché, with even the worst possessing redemptive qualities.

Less convincing is Abbie Cornish as Willoughby’s wife, but that’s a minor quibble when the writing, direction, cinematography, editing and music are this darn fine. I can’t imagine seeing a better movie (not set in space) this year because Three Billboards is a stunning achievement. Featuring very adult themes and language, it’s a wild, dark, disturbing, laugh-out-loud funny, achingly serious morality tale, asking: where does vengeance end, in a world where violence begets violence, and what we do to others really matters.

Dark comedy drama fans rejoice and avoid spoilers, it’s a must see that will stay with you for days.Hide

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BY Bo23 nobody

It's very funny and features some excellent work from McDormand and Rockwell. The film looks good and wins points for being fairly unique. I just struggled to find a way into this movie emotionally, because of the abrasive characters and the fact that it was so obviously written to within an inch of itself (not allowing room for organic plot developments). Well worth a watch.

BY DashaS nobody

The setup was great, the characters and performances were spectacular but some may be left cold by its ambiguous ending. I highly recommend others to check it out regardless due to the highly entertaining dialogue and how well the characters were fleshed out but for me, it could've had an ending that packed a lot more punch than it did.

BY BecsNZ grader

Fantastic movie, though not for the faint of heart. Deals with some pretty heavy. dark subjects but inserts plenty of laughs & some hope of redemption to balance the darkness. The cast is packed with brilliant character actors. Frances McDormand is excellent as usual, able to make you laugh at her no-nonsense approach in one scene & the next scene break your heart in the face of her grief. This film is real & substantial & thought provoking. Highly recommended.

Really loved this movie. Great characters and thought-provoking storyline. Always enjoy a movie where I can laugh and cry.

BY Beyond nobody

Just as I expected from the man behind In Bruges. Engaging to the last minute, darkly comical with plenty of genuine heart-wrenching emotion. It's exactly what the title suggestions - different and memorable. Highly recommended!

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  • Illuminates the multifarious despicable ways that humans treat each other… Full Review

  • It's a renegade masterpiece that will get you good. Full Review

  • It all makes for soaringly satisfying viewing, yet the satisfaction comes from blistering performances and virtuosic screenwriting, and absolutely nothing else. Full Review

  • A bold and showboating affair, robustly drawn and richly written; a violent carnival of small-town American life. Yet it has a big, beating heart, even a rough-edged compassion for its brawling inhabitants. Full Review

  • While the film continues almost throughout to generate great whoops of shocking laughter, it's the notes of genuine sorrow, compassion and contrition that resonate. Full Review

  • Can be celebrated for putting the 60-year old McDormand centrestage and letting her tongue rip, and for the slightly risqué manner in which it elicits laughs/gasps from its viewers. Full Review

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