Review: Tickled

25 May 16

Tickles your funny bone and your imagination :)

If you’ve never heard of competitive tickling, don’t worry you’re not alone, neither had New Zealand journalist David Farrier, until he stumbled on an online story. Much like British documentarian, Louis Theroux, Farrier’s faux naivety, general likability and gob-smacked curiosity propel him on a journey into the strange and surprisingly dark world of tickling.

His investigation leads to homophobic insults and legal threats, uncovering a bizarre underworld of organized cyber-harassment, giggle-worthy goings-on and kooky characters.

Rarely does a documentary manage to tickle your funny bone, pique your curiosity, and intrigue your imagination, but with Tickled, Farrier and co-director Dylan Reeve take you on a journey that fascinates, amuses, repels, entertains and appalls. No mean feat!


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